Tara Reed – Draw In Traffic From Your Target Customers Through Social Media

Target Customers Through Social MediaTara Reed  loves sharing about drawing in traffic from your target customers through social media. She is an artist who has been licensing her art for commercial use for over 10 years. She works from home and creates art collections to put on products. Tara stumbled into niche websites when she attended a social media marketing seminar and began to focus her business on teaching, sharing, and writing.She has found great success in the niche market and is here to share why a niche market can be more valuable and make a bigger impact than a global topic.

Tara Reed: Build strong foundation to reach target customers through social media

Tara originally had a different vision for her business, but when she attended that social media marketing seminar she learned what she really needed to offer. She needed to teach other artists. Tara started out by teaching artists what she does. She wrote an eBook, joined social media networks, started blogging, and started down the path of niche marketing.

Documenting her processes has helped her stay focused on her niche marketing plan and building a strong foundation. Tara did a Group Mastery program where they talked about the entrepreneurial myth of America. We are more like self employed technicians that should work to have a businesses that we can walk away from because there are systems in place to run our businesses in our absence. Two things that have really increased her efficiency and allowed her to do more are:

  • Systematizing – Every little process is written down. This not only gives someone else instructions to do the task, it frees your mind from having to remember every task. If you are trying to build a niche market and you are doing everything yourself you are limiting what can be done.
  • Documenting – Screenshots can help you document the processes. You can then write the steps down. She includes graphics and screenshots in documents, so it is easy for her or anyone else that might assist with carrying out the needs of her business.

Tara Reed: The niche marketing process

The benefit of a very specific niche is that you are easier to find and your website is more likely to rank higher in search engines. The very fact that your website is a niche allows it to be virtually on auto pilot and generate an income.

Tara has a niche market website called Print Your Own Bunco. The website offers a gift to her visitors in return for signing up for an enews letter. Customers get a taste of what she does from the free kit and then she is able to sell other kits. She also is able to market to customers directly through the enews letters. Tara advises communication to customers be concise and targeted to reach your audience. Keep in mind that your market can not read your mind, so ensure communication is getting your point across.

She also advises business owners to be in tune with your market. Know your target market, what will drive customers in and what will create a buzz about your website. Tara Reed also says to be sure you don’t design your website for you. Design your site for your visitors.

Tara’s best advice on niche marketing is to own your center, then integrate other things that allow you to connect and interconnect. Some of the ways Tara suggests to target customers through social media and drive traffic to your niche website are:

  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Google+
  • Video

Visibility and networking have allowed Tara to expand her exposure and it has brought her new opportunities.

The key is to do what is fun for you. One of Tara’s rules is she has to enjoy who she works with and she has to enjoy what she does. She does what she loves.

Tara Reed: Steps to developing your niche

To grow your business, Tara advises niche marketers to regularly analyze their niche. You should figure out whose attention you already have and think about who is buying your product. You can then find out what else they need. Think about who is doing things with your products and target them. By finding out what your customers are missing you can then give that to them.

She has very good advice about developing a solid business too. When you build your niche, build it. Don’t keep picking new ones. Focus, so it is easy to manage. She also feels that before moving on to a new project you should make sure the first project is secure and up and running. Don’t take on too many new projects at a time. Make sure your business is solid before moving on. Tara Reed feels you have to be solid so customers feel it and know exactly who you are.

You can find Tara’s products on garden flags in Lowes home improvement stores nationwide. She also has some products in Hobby Lobby, ShopCo, Mejiers, and HomeGoods. You can look for Tara’s logo, signature, or copyright. You can also find her on FacebookTwitter, and Google+. You can visit Tara’s website at TaraReedDesigns.com,ArtLicesningInfo.com, and LetsPersonalizeIt.com

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