Marty M. Fahncke: The Biggest Mistake That Business Owners Make

Marty M. Fahncke is an online marketing strategy expert. He connects business owners to the resources, information, and people they need to make them more money.  Marty specialize in direct to consumer businesses that are generating at least $1 million in revenue per year. Marty has a true track record of success.

Business Owners-Marty-FahnckeMarty M. Fahncke: The Biggest mistake in social media that business owners can make

This mistake can literally wipe out your business after years of effort, time, success, and money. Marty started hearing from clients who were having their social media accounts deactivated. Most clients could not figure out why they were shut down and in addition there is nothing you can do about it. Did you know that social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can shut you down anytime for any reason?

Using a third party website like Facebook as your primary online presence is one of the biggest mistakes Marty sees businesses making. Having a social media presence is needed, but you must have your own presence that only you own.

In Marty’s research, he finds that people complain that they are guaranteed by their 1st amendment right to have a social media account. You must remember that these are businesses and they have the right to shut you down at any time. Some social media networks have been known to have a bias towards certain types of products or groups and have shut them down on this basis.

Marty is shocked to find that many businesses rely on social media completely for their online presence and have no website of their own. Social media sites are run by terms and conditions you have likely never read. Do you want to trust your business completely to a third party?

Marty M. Fahncke: The solution

The type of marketing strategy that Marty recommends to avoid the number one marketing mistake is the hub and spoke model of online presence. You put your website in the middle of the hub and use all the different spokes to drive traffic to it. Some of the spokes in your wheel could be:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Press releases

All of your spokes should drive traffic to your website. If one spoke should crack or experience a problem, your wheel will still turn. Eventually, you will have to fix the wheel, but you do not have to come to a complete stop. This way you are not out of business if a third party website shuts you down.

The goal is to have balance and multiple spokes of traffic bringing business to your website. For payment processing you should also have more than one payment processor. Payment processors are also third parties and can shut you down. Studies also show that your conversion rates go up when you offer more than one payment method. Always have back up payment processors in place. When designing your business plan think of ways to have back up if something should fail.

Marty M. Fahncke: The purpose of social media

The purpose of social media is to create relationships with prospects and to reinforce those relationships to eventually turn them into customers, then to solidify those relationships to encourage them to tell others. This allows your business to go viral and get traction from word of mouth. Social media should be used to drive people to your business website and not to drive traffic to social media, away from your website.

If you bring someone to your website, you want to keep them there. Your business model should be to drive traffic to your website. Some great tips to include in your marketing strategy are:

  • Be everywhere – Grow your presence on a variety of social media sites and use all avenues available to get your business out there.
  • Get customers email address – Offer your customers an ethical bribe to encourage them to give you their email address.
  • Watch new trends – Asking for mobile numbers and sending text blasts is fast becoming the new way to market your business. Response rates to text blasts are great and customers are willing to give out their mobile numbers.
  • Content – Make sure you own your content and get it syndicated.
  • Own your site – When building a website or hiring someone to build a site for you, be sure you own the content and have access to it.
  • Use Google+ Hangouts – You can have individual or group sessions where a panel asks questions. Panel members you invite will also cross promote you. Be sure you invite people you can trust to give good advice to your audience.
  • Grow your team – If you want your business to grow, train people to do the tasks you do and grow a team that can manage your social media, content and other marketing areas.

Marty M. Fahncke: Streamline your message

Think about your intention and what you are trying to accomplish. The objective of social media is to create awareness, build trust, and to take relationships to the next level. The progression of an online business relationship goes from stranger, who may be checking you out and finding out if they like you, to a customer. You want to give prospective customers a call to action to follow.

Think about your end goal. You are trying to get a customer. Ask yourself if everything you are doing is moving you closer to that goal of deepening your relationship with your customers and prospects so your prospects become customers and your customers rave about you.

You can get in touch with Marty M. Fahncke at his website.  You can also connect with Marty on Twitter and Facebook,

Marty currently has two eBooks available. He has a free ebook that will teach you how to start a Mastermind group. If you are not Masterminding you should be. It is a free ebook and available here. Marty will provide you with step by step instructions

He also just released “The Kick Ass Online Music Marketing Guide”. On its third day, this book was the number one kindle book on Amazon for music marketing. The book elaborates on the hub and spoke strategy in great detail. Although it is specifically designed for artist or musicians you will still get great value out of it.

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