Interview with Sarah Hill from Veterans United Network: Using Human Media

Sarah Hill - Human MediaSarah Hill is with Veterans United Network. She tells stories about military veterans and their families via Google+ to connect via  webcam with people face to face. Sarah calls this human media.

Sarah Hill – Using human media to share our Veterans stories

Veterans United is in more than 20 states. The core business is home loans, however, there are other aspects such as Veterans United Network, which Sarah Hill works for. The goal is to share the stories of our military and their families by putting them up on the platform they deserve. Veterans United also participates in volunteer opportunities. The Veterans Virtual Tour takes terminally ill and aging veterans to see their memorials via Google+ Hangout. Google Glass has recently added a new dimension to Google+ Hangouts by allowing Sarah to be “hands free” as she walks around the memorial and answers questions. It is like taking veterans and walking them through their memorial. Veterans United is in need of volunteers. If you have a laptop and would be able to meet with Veterans in your area, contact Veterans United. You can also contact Veterans United if you know of a Veteran who would like a tour.

 Sarah Hill – Thoughts about Human Media

Google+ Hangouts have eliminated the virtual space between people. Sarah compares it to a “magic carpet” that allows you to connect with others around the world and feel like you are in the same room. Hangouts provide a deeper engagement media than other medias. Meeting face to face translates to business and charity. Google+ Hangouts give you the feeling of knowing the people you are meeting with. There is a level of trust people have with someone they know.

Sarah Hill – Human Media in the future

Sarah would like to see more studies on media engagement. Hangouts can transform every type of business especially customer service. Google Hangouts offer a real time experience that other medias just can’t duplicate. Sarah is excited for the future of Google+ Hangouts and considers them much more than just a social media network. It is a human media network. Sarah Hill feels that education is needed to teach people how easily they can connect. All you need is a video phone, internet connection and a Google + account. It is absolutely free to call anyone in any part of the world and see their reaction and their environment. Sarah also feels it helps prevent miscommunication when you are face to face. Google+ Hangouts are not limited to being in an office or a set location. Besides using Google Glasses, you can do a Hangout from your mobile phone. You have the ability to share your world. Hangouts are a new way to show and tell.

Sarah is excited to see where Google Glass takes us. She calls it the Model T of wearable computers. It is just in the beginning stage. Glass is not even currently supported for on air Hangouts yet. Television studios do have the ability to stream live on air and she hopes that in the future it will enable news to be shared in real time. It will also allow broadcasters to bring others directly in to discuss current events. Google explorers are using Glass in the medical and education community in ground breaking ways as well.

Google Glass currently has GPS, takes pictures and video, opens a Hangout, allows Google search, shows time, temperature. and so much more. You can also connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apps are being developed now to add to the capabilities.

You can get in touch with Sarah Hill at Sarah Hill – Google, Veterans United, or Sarah’s Stories. Want to learn more about the Training Hangout Community? Click here for more details.

Here’s the interview with Sarah Hill about Human Media

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