Interview with Aliza Sherman – Social Media Engagement for Dummies, co-author

Aliza Sherman - Social Media EngagementKey to being successful with social media engagement in your business is to believe in yourself and fuel your engine. In the interview with Aliza (pronounced Uh-lee-za) Sherman, she shared this exact quote and it was very profound because many business owners don’t believe in the products, their services, or themselves. When you believe in yourself, you can fuel the engine of your business, which just happens to be you.

 Just get started with your social media engagement

Regardless of what’s being said about you or what’s happening around you, don’t let it stop you from getting started with your social media engagement efforts. According to Aliza, “don’t worry what others say, just keep going.” When you allow your efforts to be hindered by others, your forward momentum can be halted. Yet, when you have a support system around you like a mentor, peers, or enthusiast clients, they can encourage you past the negativity others may send your way.

Some of the ways that you can encourage yourself to keep going and get started with your social media engagement is to:

  • Don’t worry what others say, just keep going
  • Get back to the matter of the heart
  • Promote your business and yourself

When you apply these to your business it can help increase your social media engagement to reach your target customers. You can find out more in the recent book that Aliza wrote that is entitled Social Media Engagement for Dummies.

Tip for applying social media engagement for your business

As the interview progressed, Aliza shared more information about truly engaging on social media and how you can apply social media engagement tips to your business. Below are some of those tips:

  • Ask what you can do for others, offer your help: this can encourage engagement with others on social media and draw in your target customers.
  • Seek out others who have similar skillsets: when you connect with like-minded people, you can help each other grow your knowledge and your business, normally you can do this in mastermind groups.
  • Don’t shy away from or be defeated by hard lessons: when you deal honestly with others on social media, it can increase your engagement factor, so be an open book. Sometimes hard lessons may mean that you have to be an open book about something that’s personal and hard to share.
  • Own who you are, what you believe in: keep believing in yourself even if you face self doubt. Make sure to surround yourself with others on social media who will encourage you to believe in yourself and not put yourself down.

About Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is the leading authority on women and the Internet. She is a Web pioneer, award-winning author, and international speaker with a mission to empower women through technology. She has been online since 1987, consulting clients about the Internet since 1992, and her early work on the Internet helped establish the online marketing industry. Newsweek named her “One of the Top People Who Matter Most on the Internet.” Fast Company named her one of the “Most Powerful Women in Technology.” Her 10 books include Social Media Engagement for Dummies and Mom, Incorporated

Segment Description:

Aliza Sherman will share tips about her e-book “Social Media Engagement for Dummies” (Wiley, 2013) this e-book is part of the Dummies series and is a savvy guide to getting more out of social media marketing. Social media engagement can help you turn prospects into customers and customers into evangelists for your business. This book shows you how to build those relationships, maintain a viable presence on social networks, and give customers a reason to interact with you.

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