6 Ways To Embrace Change In Business When You Really Don’t Want To

Tara Reed - blue topEmbracing Change In Business

When is comes to growing your business, embracing change in business is important to keeping forward moment with your business. In order to do this, Tara Reed wants to share how your can use the principles of Pivot To Happy to do this.

The questions below are ones that were asked during the interview that you can watch in it full entirety at the end of this blog post.

Question: Why do you think people resist change?

  • Fear – not sure if it will be good or bad for their business
  • Time – it takes time to learn about new ways of doing things
  • Uncertainty – not sure what change to embrace and where to invest time and resources

Question: What types of change do most people resist?

There are 3 types: proactive, reactive and “you have no choice”

  • Proactive: things you CHOOSE to change – this is where you usually have the most control
  • Reactive: things are happening around you and you react – choose to jump in or ignore the potential change
  • You have no choice: well, you have no choice. These could be legal or compliance issues, etc. You HAVE to make the changes and so you need to find a way to be ok with them

Question: What can people do to avoid change?

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”― Heraclitus (Greek philosopher from about 500 BC)
Things are changing faster than ever so what we can change is our perspective on change.

Know that change is inevitable and look for ways change will HELP you and don’t look at it as a burden
Adopt a mindset that change is going to make things easier – easier to reach your target market, easier to get new ideas and products out there, easier to take care of back-end business duties like book keeping, inventory, ideas, and more
Get excited about and look for ways to change

Question: Why do you think change is great for small businesses?

Changes in technology have really helped small businesses and solopreneurs compete with larger companies. When we look at how things were done 5, 10 or 20 years ago, we as small business owners will be throwing a celebration party for change.
New innovations and ways to connect level the playing field a bit. We can be seen, found and heard outside of our local community. Small business can usually adopt new ways of doing things faster than larger organizations, giving us a change advantage.

Question:  Is all change for the better?

Absolutely not! That’s why you also have to create parameters to use when looking at whether to make changes (when you have a choice)

Sometimes you don’t have a choice so you have to figure out a way to be ok with the change and find the potential positive outcome

Question: What tips do you have for people that are resistant to change?

Look at why or what you are resisting – what could go wrong?
Now look at what could go RIGHT!  Pivot your perspective
What do you want to happen and what can you do to move things in that direction
Talk about it constructively

CHANGE SIMPLY IS… how you interpret it – good, bad or otherwise – is in your mind. Pivot your perspective to be happy through change.

Watch the video interview with Tara Reed

About Tara Reed:

Tara Reed is an artist, writer, and self-proclaimed Silver Lining Specialist. Through writing, speaking, podcasting and teaching she explores the question, “How do you stay positive, happy and enjoy the present when faced with adversity?” and helps people find the happiness in every day. Being happy is easy when things are going well, the trick is to figure out how to find and keep your happy when things aren’t going as well as you’d like.

Tara pulls from her life experience and her uncanny ability to find the lesson or silver lining in the challenges of life. There are two events in her life that stand out as “forks in the road”.  Things that could have left her angry and full of excuses or made her pull herself up by her bootstraps and figure out how to move forward and find her happy again. One was a divorce and the second more recent was her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

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John Mavrakis says November 20, 2015

Excellent interview! Tara did a wonderful job and really showcased her ability to display her expertise in her fantastic speaking style! She stayed on point and truly demonstrated why the Pivot To Happy movement is so great!

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