Interview: Toni Morrison & Virtual Book Tour via Google+ Hangout

In an interview with Toni Morrison, I had the opportunity to ask her a question that propelled me into action regarding my personal writings. The interview was hosted by Google Play and they invited me along with a few of my peers into a special Google+ hangout on air with Ms. Morrison. We had the […]

Stu McLaren: Connecting with a Membership Website

In 2008, McLaren was frustrated at the difficulty of creating a membership marketing site. According to McLaren, the options available at the time were very technical. so he and a friend decided to do something about it. He co-created the WishList plugin, which is used to connect your membership website to your target market. He recalls his friend asking “what […]

Tara Reed – Draw In Traffic From Your Target Customers Through Social Media

Tara Reed  loves sharing about drawing in traffic from your target customers through social media. She is an artist who has been licensing her art for commercial use for over 10 years. She works from home and creates art collections to put on products. Tara stumbled into niche websites when she attended a social media marketing […]

Marty M. Fahncke: The Biggest Mistake That Business Owners Make

Marty M. Fahncke is an online marketing strategy expert. He connects business owners to the resources, information, and people they need to make them more money.  Marty specialize in direct to consumer businesses that are generating at least $1 million in revenue per year. Marty has a true track record of success. Marty M. Fahncke: The Biggest […]

Interview with Aliza Sherman – Social Media Engagement for Dummies, co-author

Key to being successful with social media engagement in your business is to believe in yourself and fuel your engine. In the interview with Aliza (pronounced Uh-lee-za) Sherman, she shared this exact quote and it was very profound because many business owners don’t believe in the products, their services, or themselves. When you believe in […]